More about EP Drafter

EP Drafter is ADAPT’s cloud-based product specifically designed for estate planners and document drafters who want to create custom wills, trusts and many other legal documents as part of their practice.   It’s designed for the drafter who wants to control the input process while they work with clients.

With EP Drafter you’re able to create all of the estate planning documents an estate planner typically pulls together for clients whether using wills or trusts as the main planning vehicle.  EP drafter uses dynamic interviews to help the planner efficiently create even the most complex legal documents.   And with EP Drafter you can also quickly create individual documents you may need to create as part of your practice.   Codicils and amendments, transfer documents, minor powers, correspondence, affidavits, as well as many other miscellaneous documents can all be quickly created from a pull-down menu.

Built on ADAPT’s new platform this product brings together the critically acclaimed documents developed for Fore! Trust with our new cloud-based platform to allow estate planners a cost-effective way of quickly creating documents without having to worry about installing software locally or keeping up with updates.