More about EP Planner

EP Planner is ADAPT’s solution that provides estate planners with a way to quickly create and assemble a wide range of highly customizable wills, trusts and many other legal documents as part of their practice.  The cloud based solution includes all of the documents and options found in the critically acclaimed FORE!Trust software that are available in their Will & Trust Package.

In addition, EP Planner also includes dynamic interviews for several other specific purpose trust such as NRA gun trusts, IRA beneficiary trusts and Realty trusts.

Much more than a collection of dynamic trust interviews, EP Planner includes a cloud-based client questionnaire designed to directly capture the important information from your client to complete their estate planning.  This allows you to capture key information directly so that you do not have to rekey (and potentially misspell) names and other details.  EP Planner also provides you with a valuable record of your client’s specific goals and needs that ensure you surface what is needed to deliver professional estate planning or document preparation services.

With EP Planner you have a wide range of control over your client’s experiences in working with you and your firm.  And while it is designed so that it can be used as is, you have the necessary control to customize many of EP Planner’s client facing components – look and feel as well as text – so that you can make sure it fits with your workflow as well as your firm’s logo. And with our new Questionnaire Editor you are now able to completely customize your firm’s questionnaire.  So, if you want you can use all or only parts of ADAPT’s standard questionnaire. More importantly, you can now change specific question’s wording and help text and even add your own question(s) so that you will get all the input you would like from your client as part of YOUR process.