Product Description

The AdaptDocs Wills and Trusts document template is designed to help the estate planning professional prepare wills and a wide range of revocable trusts covering almost every planning situation.    The document templates included have been used by thousands of drafting professionals in creating estate plans for well over 10 years and contains all of the main documents from Fore!Trust software’s Wills and Trust package including:

Trusts and Wills Templates for Single, Married and “Non-Traditional” Clients:

All documents are state specific based on the state of residence of the client; the one program has different templates which cover 50 states plus the District of Columbia.

  • Living Trusts (including Restated Amendments)
Version for Single Clients includes:

– Spousal distribution provisions if client is married- Option for a Co-Trustee with client

Versions for Married Clients include:

– Joint Trust or Reciprocal Trusts- Simple, probate avoidance Trust- Disclaimer Trust- Modified “A/B” Trust- “Intentionally defective” Marital Deduction Trust (new)- “QTIP” Trust (either pecuniary or fractional share)- “QTIP” Trust with “Clayton Election”- All trusts have option for only one spouse to be the Trustee- QDOT provisions for a non-citizen spouse- State QTIP option for states with a separate estate tax

Versions for Non-Traditional Couples include:

– Joint Trust or Reciprocal Trusts- Full spousal distribution provisions (i.e., Windsor and Obergefell compliant trust options) if clients are married- “A/B” Trust for non-married couples (no marital deduction language)- Simple, probate avoidance Trust- All trusts have option for only one party to be the Trustee

Specific Distribution Provisions include:

– Gifts of Specific Sums (individual or class gift)- Gifts of a Percentage (individual or class gift)- Gifts of Specific Assets- Gifts of Real Property- Option to Purchase Real Property- Life Interest in Real Property- Life Interest in a sum or a specific asset- Gift of Business Interest- Forgiveness of Debt- “Special Needs” Trust- “Pet Trust”- Charitable Foundation

Residual Distribution Provisions include:

– “Per Stirpes” with Trusts for Grandchildren- Unequal Allocations between Beneficiaries- Delay Trust for Children (by age or years)- “Family Pot” Trusts- Generation-Skipping Trusts (simple, GST and “Dynasty”)

  • Pour-Over Wills
  • Certificate of Trust
  • Declaration of Trust
  • Assignment of Personal Effects
  • Marital Property Agreement (for married clients)
  • General Powers of Attorney (including “springing powers”)
  • Limited Powers of Attorney
  • Health Care Directives and/or “Living Will” (HIPAA compliant)
  • Burial Instructions
  • Amendments
  • Stand-alone Wills (simple and with testamentary trusts)
  • Codicils
  • Complete Summary of each paragraph in the living trust and of each document in the trust package
  • Summary sheet of Fiduciaries
  • Client Information Sheet
  • Client Correspondence (all incorporating your letterhead)

– Representation Letter (fee confirmation)- Transmittal Letters (draft or originals)- Sign and Return Letter- “FYI” Letter- Trust or Will Instruction Letter (“closing letter”)- Trust Funding Instructions- “CYA” letters for funding and holding original documents- Conflict Waiver for married clients

  • Miscellaneous Trust Documents

– Revocation of Trust- Appointment of a Co-Trustee- Resignation of Trustee- Removal of a Trustee [both uncontested and by Court petition]- Exercise of Limited Power of Appointment- Revocation of Power of Attorney

  • Transfer documents

– Deeds for real property (including fee simple, partial interests, joint interests and mineral rights)- Letters of Instruction for re-titling to banks, transfer agents, brokerage firms, mutual funds, etc.- Assignments of Deeds of Trust, limited and general partnership interests, LLC’s, business interests, etc.- Requests for change of beneficiary designations for life insurance, annuities, retirement benefits, etc.- Affidavits of death- Opinion letters- Other necessary documents

  • Checklists and Worksheets (keyed to the program)

Key Benefits

  • Does not require extensive estate planning background (particularly for a single client).
  • Completely state specific; single program allows the production of state specific documents for all states and Washington, DC, based on the state of residence of the client.
  • Features a client input process that can be easily incorporated into your existing website.
  • Program license allows one attorneys and one support staff access to prepare documents for same client using common answer files.
  • Option to use “Settlor” or “Trustor”.
  • Option to use “familiar” or “traditional” language (i.e., “I” or “My” vs. “Settlor” or “Settlor’s”).
  • Option to use a “unitrust” distribution or the traditional “net income” for interests held in trust.
  • Includes all necessary transfer documents.
  • All templates are “keyed” to same variable language; input data only one time.
  • Fully formatted documents automatically sent to Microsoft Word for final review, editing and printing.
  • Fully context sensitive dialogs; answer only the questions needed (based on your responses to the previous questions).
  • Default answers are set to your specifics (e.g., state, county, etc.).


Initial year subscription of $1589 for one attorney and one support license or a one time setup fee of $599 and just $99 a month for updates and maintenance.