DocPrep Professional – Coming Soon

From $124/ month and $999 sign-up fee

ADAPT’s VEPS DocPrep Professional is designed for the Document Preparation Service Provider who wants to market and deliver a cloud-based solution that can support e-commerce thru integration with a payment gateway provider. It’s a great solution for the document preparer who already has a great website but wants to build in ADAPT’s Cloud Solution.

Key features of the DocPrep Professional Solution include

  • All Templates (including Gun Trust, Medicaid, IRA Beneficiary Trust and Misc. Estate Planning)
  • Links for your website
  • eCommerce Solution
  • Ability to fully brand/white label all client facing pages
  • Client Centric Access to gather important client input remotely
  • Front Office Access to review client information and/or prepare documents




  • State specific Trust, Wills & Powers Dynamic Templates
  • Supporting Interactive Document templates for Transfer, funding & modification
  • Special Purpose Trust templates
  • Client access to gather input remotely
  • Client Questionnaire for gathering client input remotely
  • DIY Client Interview for Trust, Will and Power engagements
  • Links to forms for client access
  • Ability to Brand/White label ALL client facing pages
  • eCommerce supported
  • Practice Activity Reporting

Additional information

Detail Features

Trust & Wills templates organized into typical engagement packages:
o Trust Package
o Will Package
o Power Package (Health Care, GPOA)
o Will Only
o Gun Trust, Medicaid, IRA Beneficiary Trust and Misc. Estate Planning

• Links that act as a dynamic form for your website to allow you to gather important client information from your client via your website or email that you send out providing the link to the form.
• eCommerce capabilities that allow you to work with the payment gateway of your choice.
• Ability to fully brand all client facing forms and pages.
• Client Intake/Registration Access to gather important client input remotely
• Front Office Access so that as a preparer you can either create documents yourself or review the client information and input supplied to create the custom legal documents desired.

Detail Pricing

Annual Licensing for DocPrep Professional
Initial Year (setup fee plus licensing): $2239
Each Year Thereafter (annual licensing): $1240
Monthly Payment Plan
Set up Fee: $999
Monthly Fee: $124
Multi-user licenses and pricing are also available


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