Who We Are

ADA Platform Technology (ADAPT) provides attorneys and planners with an easy way of assembling legal documents in the cloud.  We combine carefully crafted and precise legal language with an automated document assembly process to ensure you are able to quickly create fully customizable legal documents for clients in a manner that is designed to effectively fit within your firm’s workflow.   Whether you are creating a simple will or a complex irrevocable trust – ADAPT provides you a simple path to efficiently go from gathering client information to delivering precise and thorough legal documents.

What We Do

ADAPT creates interactive document templates – using carefully constructed content supplied by practicing attorneys as well as content provided by Fore!Trust software.   These document assemblies are designed and actively updated by our in-house attorneys to help professionals create wills, trusts and other legal documents that address the specific needs of their clients.   ADAPT provides estate planners with a system that includes a client intake system that can be incorporated into your practices website – further streamlining the document drafting process.

In addition to providing your practice with an efficient document assembly workflow, ADAPT provides a range of services to help firms completely automate their estate planning practice.  Whether it is domain services, database development & coding, website hosting, document design, or a complete customized website integrated with ADAPT’s virtual estate planning system (VEPS) including a checkout system and back office, ADAPT is there to meet your needs.

Our Customers

Whether you are an estate planner, have a general legal practice or simply want to assist your clients in helping them prepare wills, trusts or other legal documents. ADAPT can help you create a cloud based system for collecting your clients data and assembling fully customizable legal documents.  Our document templates have been used by thousands of attorneys for nearly twenty years and an important part of their estate planning engagements.

Our Technology

ADAPT combines a powerful database, thorough and carefully structured legal templates with a document assembly engine to help you rapidly collect information from your clients to create custom legal solutions.  Our cloud-based platform ensures that you and your clients can access our solution anywhere from Mac or PC with the piece of mind in knowing that your data is being regularly backed up and secured transmitted and stored.