Can more than one user use ADAPT Solution at the same time?2021-06-30T17:40:52+00:00

Yes, ADAPT’s solutions are designed to allow multiple users to work within the application.  Each subscription comes with two (2) initial licenses (one administrator and one drafter).  Additional licenses can be added by the user within the application or you can contact ADAPT Support.

Are ADAPT’s documents designed to be state specific?2021-06-30T17:45:03+00:00

Absolutely! ADAPT’s solutions are built off of FORE!Trust software templates that have been designed specifically to meet the laws and requirements of each state as well as federal laws.  Currently, all states (except Louisiana) are supported in the software.

Can I create standalone Irrevocable Trust thru ADAPT’s solutions?2021-06-30T17:50:11+00:00

Not Yet – Currently, ADAPT users are able to take advantage of all of the documents available thru FORE!Trust software’s Will & Trust Package.  While we continue to add additional documents, the irrevocable trust module is not yet available.


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