Product Description

The AdaptDocs Wills and Trusts – DoD edition has been designed specifically for use by our nation’s military personnel.   Adapt Docs Wills and Trust – DoD Edition provides users with a fully automated process for drafting and assembling  custom created state-specific estate planning document.   Templates include the required military language, the option for a state notary or a JAG notary.  In addition, the templates have been designed to be legally compliant in all 50 states as well as the District of Columbia as well as the islands of Guam, Puerto Rico, American Samoa, the US Virgin Islands and the Northern Marianas Islands.  The software provides a comprehensive range of distribution options to give the Will drafter complete control and flexibility in addressing their clients needs.

Specific Distribution Provisions Options include:

(1) Specific Sum and /or Percentage (individual or class gift)
(2) Gift of Real Property
(3) Option to Purchase Real Property
(4) Life Interest in Real Property
(5) Life Interest in Cash or Percentage
(6) Gift of Business Interest
(7) Forgiveness of Debt
(8) “Special Needs Trust”
(9) Pet Trust

Residual Distribution Provisions include:
(1) “Per Stirpes” with trusts for grandchildren
(2) Allocations between specified beneficiaries by shares or percentages
(3) Delay for children to specified age or ages
(4) “Family Pot” Trust
(5) Generation-Skipping Trusts
(6) “Dynasty Trusts”

Other included documents are:
✓ Instructions for the Distribution of Tangible Personal Property
✓ General Powers of Attorney (including option for a “springing powers”)
✓ Limited Powers of Attorney (specific language at the option of the Services is not a problem)
✓ Health Care Directives with “Living Will” (HIPAA compliant and state specific)
✓ Voluntary optional form for Receiving Oral Feedings and Fluids in the event of Dementia
✓ Stand-alone HIPAA Waivers
✓ Final Disposition (“Burial”) Instructions
✓ Pre-Need Designation of Guardians
✓ Appointment of Guardians for Minors (both in the Will and, optional, as a “stand-alone” document
✓ Temporary Appointment of Guardians for Minors
✓ Designation of a Power of Attorney and Health Care Agents for Minor Children (with specific reference to a period of active duty)
✓ State specific Transfer on Death Deeds for real property
✓ Requests for change of beneficiary designations for life insurance, retirement benefits, etc., if a residual testamentary trust is selected.
✓ Affidavits of death

Additionally, all distribution options for minors can be made in a testamentary trust held to any designated age or ages for distribution or held in an UTMA account with the client being able to set the age of distribution (up to age 25) and to designate the custodian.

If the clients are “joint” (whether “traditional” or “non-traditional”), the options for most decisions are “mirrored”; however, some decisions, such as end-of life (“natural death”), autopsy, anatomical donations, and final disposition decisions are individualized for each client.

In addition to the estate planning documents currently available (as outlined above), the software also has the following documents currently available at the discretion of the Facility Administrator including –
(1) Revocable Living Trusts (including Restated Amendments)
(2) Joint or Reciprocal Trust Versions for Married Clients (and “Non-Traditional Couples”) with the same first death options as set forth above for the Wills.
Note that all of the same specific and residual distribution provisions as set forth above for the Wills are also available for trusts created in the system.

(3) All the normal RLT supporting documents, such as:
✓ “Pour-Over” Wills
✓ Certificate of Trust
✓ Declaration of Trust
✓ Assignment of Personal Effects
✓ Instructions for the Distribution of Tangible Personal Property
✓ Marital Property Agreements
✓ Amendments

(4) Miscellaneous Trust Documents, such as:
✓ Revocation of Trust
✓ Appointment of a Co-Trustee
✓ Resignation of Trustee
✓ Removal of a Trustee [both uncontested and by Court petition]

(5) Transfer documents to the RLT:
✓ State specific Deeds for real property
✓ Letters of Instruction for re-titling to banks, transfer agents, brokerage firms, mutual funds, etc.
✓ Assignments of Deeds of Trust, limited and general partnership interests, LLC’s, business interests, etc.
✓ Requests for change of beneficiary designations for life insurance, retirement benefits, etc.

(6) IRA Beneficiary Trust (including the Beneficiary Designation Form)

(7) NFA “Gun Trust”